Automated Storage Systems for Long Goods

Automated storage systems from Remmert are an excellent way of storing long goods such as pipes, rods and metal profiles in a space-saving manner and within easy reach. Automated storage and retrieval machines and goods stations ensure fast, efficient and ergonomic material handling with very low personnel requirements. The integrated WMS provides full control and traceability of inventory.

Very compact storage lift solution for space-saving storage and ergonomic provision of heavy and long goods close to production.

Extremely compact cassette warehouse with very high storage density. The overhead storage and retrieval unit enables a design with narrow aisles and very flexible options for goods and picking stations.

High-performance honeycomb cassette storage system for fast access times to large quantities of sheet metal and long goods. Remmert honeycomb warehouses are designed on a customer-specific basis to optimize material flow and space utilization.

Which long goods storage system is the right one?

  BASIC Tower Bridge Storage Honeycomb Warehouse
Amount stockyards 8 - 64 80 - 1000 800 +
Payload per stockyard 1 - 3 t 1 - 5 t 1 - 5 t
Usable storage length 6800 - 8800 4300 - 12.500 3300 - 7200
Usable storage width      
Usable storage height 145 - 305 200 - 500  
System height [mm]* 3920 - 8000 max. 30.000 max. 30.000
Driving speed - 50 -100 m/min max. 120 m/min
Lifting speed 16 m/min 32 - 50 m/min 28 - 40 m/min
Pulling speed 16 m/min 32 m/min 90 m/min
Load carrier Cassette a/o tray Cassette Cassette
Combined storage/retrieval runs   15 - 30 / h max 40 / h
SILO Construction Optional Optional Optional
WMS included Optional Yes Yes
System integration Optional Optional Optional
Digital showroom for long goods storage systems

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The Advantages of Automatic Long Goods Storage Systems

Increased Efficiency

Automated long goods storage systems can optimize the material flow, which leads to a significant increase in efficiency. Automation enables faster handling of bars, tubes or profiles by moving the material to a comfortable working height for further processing.

Reduction of Failures

Automation minimizes human operator error and improves accuracy when storing and removing sheets. This leads to a reduction in stock shortages and rejects. The integrated WMS is used to book stock directly. It is also possible to book back shortened items.

Space Savings

Automated long goods warehouses can optimize storage space, as the machines and systems make better use of the available area. As less space is required for handling than with a forklift truck or crane, the overall space requirement is reduced. This means that more long goods can be stored in a limited space.

Shorter Response Times

Automated systems enable the rapid provision of long goods when they are needed. This is particularly useful in production environments with continuous material requirements and just-in-time needs.

Improved Stock Management

Warehouse management systems (WMS) provide real-time monitoring and tracking of long goods inventories. This enables better stock control and the timely reordering of material to avoid shortages.

Work Safety

Automation can also improve work safety, as manual handling and transportation of bulky long goods is reduced or even eliminated. This reduces the risk of injury for employees.


Automated long goods storage systems can be easily adapted to changing production requirements. Different lengths and formats can be stored better in cassettes than on cantilever racks, for example.

Data Management & Analysis

Automated systems collect data on warehouse activities, which can be used to optimize warehousing and predict future demand.

Reduced Costs

Although the initial cost of automated systems is higher, the total cost of ownership is lower by increasing efficiency, reducing waste and reducing the need for labor.

Effective Staff Deployment

Manually moving and handling long goods, whether by forklift truck or crane, ties up a considerable amount of employees' working hours. Automation can make better use of skilled workers and alleviate the shortage of skilled workers.