Automated Storage Technology
for Heavy and Bulky Goods

Your warehouse contains the pillars on which your values literally rest. Our modular and uniquely flexible warehouse technology ensures that the efficient flow of material - and therefore your value - begins in the warehouse. Our standardized modular components form the basis: steel construction, storage and retrieval machines, goods stations and software.

Storage Systems for Sheets and Flat Goods

Automating sheet metal storage in your company is the next step towards greater competitiveness: Automated storage technology for sheet metal and other flat goods from Remmert provides you with more storage capacity for each floor space and faster goods movements - with significantly less personnel. Storage and retrieval machines and storage towers specially adapted to the typical sheet metal formats ensure safe and gentle handling.

Storage Systems for Long Goods

The storage and handling of long goods such as bars, tubes or plastic/aluminum profiles is a challenge. This is where Remmert long-bar storage systems come to the rescue. Specially adapted to the formats, work processes are improved and damage to material and personnel is reduced to a minimum. The automatic storage and retrieval technology reduces the need for personnel and improves ergonomics and safety during handling.

Customized Storage Solutions

Sometimes that little extra makes all the difference to the perfect storage system. Based on our modular system, our engineering department will work with you to develop a solution that is perfectly tailored to your needs. Especially for the storage and handling of heavy and bulky goods.